2015 Wish Children
This year we have 2 wish children. Abigaël and Alex

Meet Abigaël, a 11 year old girl from Sherbrooke who's wish was to Surf in Hawaï. In February 2015, Abigaël was able to visit Hawaï with her parents and 2 younger sisters.

Since 2012, Abigaël has suffered from chronic relapsing polychondritis.

(Copyright 2015 Montreal Children's Hospital. Used with permission)


This is Alex an 8 year old boy from Cookshire-Eation. His wish was to visit Walt Disney World and experience his first airplane trip.
He was able to make the trip with his family and grandparents

Alex has immotile ciliary syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes a defect in the action of the cilia lining the respiratory tract.